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Healthy Tips For Teens

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

1. Eat various foods and in moderation

There’s no such thing as bad or good foods, there’s only a bad and good diet. All foods will be able to fit-in your diet, it’s just the quantity and how frequent you eat, which is important.

Foods which have high percentage of fats like chips, chicken nuggets and fried noodles should be eaten frequently and in balance with low fatty foods. You shouldn’t forget being moderate.

2. Keep working up

The workout can help you to sweat and breath harder, in order to make you feel and look best. Start up with some warm-ups, it stretch your muscle. Then a 20-minute aerobic exercise like swimming, dancing and running. After that, you cool down by deep breathing and stretching.

3. Eat your breakfast

You cannot start your day with no breakfast. You should understand that when you eat breakfast, it boost up your attention and concentration level. Research shows that when you eat breakfast, it helps in controlling your weight. A breakfast tip: you select a menu which is easy and quick to do like cereals, if you’re leaving so early, tryout doing breakfast like fruit & rolls.

4. Increase your iron

As we all know, iron had been considered as a very important source found in red meat, tofu, beans and a lot more. They are excellent for physical activities, concentration and schoolwork. The body can absorb iron found at animal food than that found at plant food. Tips: lime and orange juice can increase the absorption of iron but coffee and tea reduces absorption.

5. You need to drink lots of water or fluids

The minimal amount of fluid per day should be 8 glasses and increase it when it is hot. Drinking water will always be an excellent choice, although, you can always choose another type of fluids like tea or orange juice.

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